As You Think So You Are

When I started this website, I was not sure which direction I wanted to take. I wanted to include my writer’s profile, write about my favorite topics and help people learn the power of their thoughts. 

I did not anticipate having everything under one roof, but I am glad I did. I don’t have to manage four sites, and I can showcase potential clients my writing style and tone while helping people. Pretty cool and I love it! 

A little History

Growing up, my parents did not have much and while that is not a big deal (so many people go through this) poverty made sure that my parents were in a foul mood all the time, especially my mother. 

I grew up being yelled at, being spanked and pretty much hearing ‘no’ whenever I asked them to buy me something. My dad’s classic answer was “I will think about it” while my mothers were “I don’t have money.” “Money does not grows on trees” or “Ask your father.” 

I am not trying to discredit my parents as horrible people. Not at all. They are awesome, and I love them to bits. 

They did the best they could under the circumstances. What I know, however, is that some of the statements I came to believe have caused havoc in my life and it took a conscious decision to stop that thought pattern and create a new blueprint. 

Why Clear Your Thoughts Today

I was always in fight-flight mode, escaped depression by a whisker, and I complained whenever someone gave me a listening ear. This made me a terrible wife and an even worse parent.

I remember one time my daughter looking at me frighten because I was about spanking her for using all the cleaning powder to wash one scarf and one sock.

“Mom I just wanted to help” was her defence. But that look; That look made me stop. It made me question my parenting style, myself and the decisions I was making regarding my life and my family.

This is not who I wanted to be, and it is definitely not who I had dreamed of becoming as a little girl.

I needed to clear my thoughts, get perspective and make a solid plan of how things were going to move forward from that moment on.

Personal Development 


I started searching for answers, first outside myself and I found some excellent guides from the likes of Anthony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

I was hungry for knowledge, and I consumed it in large quantities. I read books, listened to audio files, watched videos, anything to get me answers. Until I finally found it. 

Clear your thoughts, change our life.

The answers I had been looking for were in me all along. All I needed to do was reach within and grab them. I started the journey to clear my thoughts, tackling each day as it came. I did my best to arrest all negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts. 

It was hard at first, but I eventually conquered. I slip sometimes, I am only human, but the slip does not drive me to near depression because now I know the truth. As I think, so I am. 

Positive Parenting

 My journey has led me to adopt new parenting methods. I don’t yell anymore, I don’t spank, and my relationship with my firstborn is better than it has ever been. 

Adopting the positive parenting model has taught me that kids are human beings. They may be little and in need of guidance, but they are human beings. They have feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. My job as a parent is to guide them and create age-appropriate limits putting into consideration their development stage. 

They are happier that way, and so am I. 


Freelance writer 

I am happier today than I was a few years back. I have gathered strategies that have worked for me, and sharing them with others is my joy. I truly wish that someone will benefit and become who they have always wanted to be. 

As a freelance writer, I use my writing skills to serve others either by writing a blog post, sharing testimony and helping companies make more money. 

In the digital age we live in, information is available at the click of a button. Offering credible, informative, catchy content gives your company a competitive edge, helps build your brand and creates customer loyalty. 

With every copy I write, I aim at helping a business increase traffic, make more sales, and create customer loyalty. 

Thank You

If you have made it this far, thank you. I appreciate the time you have taken to read my story, and I value the relationship we are going to build. 

I am here for you to help you with your development journey, as you grow personally, raise your kids or grow your business. I respond to all emails that hit my inbox and want to know how I can help you on your journey.